Promotions, Productions and Events

No limits to the imagination.

Bigger than Hollywood designs and produces corporate promotions, shows and special events. 

Want to turn the function rooms in one of Sydney’s leading five-star hotels into an American ‘Wild West’ set complete with saloon bar, saloon girls, outlaws and live horses?  How about a choreographed ‘Wild West’ show that finishes with a saloon bar brawl using stuntmen and breakable props?  Need the function rooms back to normal by 5.00 AM the next morning so the Hotel can prepare for another client’s breakfast meeting?  No problem! 

What about a show promoting Australia to a room of hard-nosed, North American travel agents flown specially into Sydney by one of the World’s leading hotel chains?  Would you be happy with the sale of an extra 9,000-hotel room nights directly attributable to that event?

Imagine turning the front half a light aircraft—cockpit, cabin and wings—into a huge lighting centrepiece, and then installing it in a nightclub.  How about creating lounge areas in the same nightclub made up entirely of 747 business class seats?